Sold: Nomad 883 Pro $1600 CAD

Sorry, I don’t seem to have permission to delete this post, so marking it as sold.

Hi folks, I’ve decided to pass along my Nomad 883 Pro. $1600 CAD

Excellent condition, very little use. I’ve moved on to a full size CNC machine and would like to find a good home for this Nomad. This will be a cash-only sale, with pick-up at my residence in North Vancouver, BC. No shipping at this time, but if a local sale doesn’t happen then I’ll update the post.

If you are not familiar with this unit, please research online to ensure it will meet your needs; here are videos of some projects:

Carbide 3D - YouTube
Good example of a 4 sided figurine:
Make your own Lego™ blocks:
Flip Jig making Fan Blade:
The Carbide3D forum also has a “Nomad” specific section:

I’ve included a large number and variety of new endmills (cutting bits), and some sample materials. Includes both a MDF and an Aluminum fixture plate, various studs and flange nuts for fixturing, a vice, and also 2 flip-jigs for making double-sided parts and figurines, jewelry, etc.

This is a video of my specific machine to show it in working order, and also the automated tool length probe (shot Apr 3 3021) :


  • CNC machine, USB and power cables, Internal LED task light
  • 9 ea 0.063” Ballnose endmill and 9 ea 0.063” Square endmill
  • 11 ea 0.125” Ballnose endmill and 11 ea 0.125” Square endmill
  • 0.125” Long Flute endmill
  • 2ea MicroMark miniature Fly Cutters for facing materials
  • 2ea Flip-Jigs for easily indexing double-sided parts
  • 1ea Vice
  • 3a Collet Spindle nuts and a nice selection of metric and imperial collets in common sizes

Tech Specs

  • Build Volume: 8 in x 8 in x 3 in.
  • Max Speed (X,Y): 100 in/min.
  • Max Speed (Z): 50 in/min.
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.0005 in.
  • Mechanical Repeatability: 0.0015 in.
  • Mechanical Accuracy: 0.005 in/ft.
  • Spindle Power: 70 watt
  • Spindle Speed: 2000 - 10000 RPM

You can email me directly if you are interested: warrensbrain at shaw dot ca

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