SOLD - Nomad 883 Pro for Sale NorCal

Hey there,

Selling my Nomad purchased in mid 2017 for $1500. It’s been and continues to be a reliable workhorse. No major changes. I did drill some holes in the top plate to run lights (since removed), but the frame is otherwise unmodified or damaged. I’ve since upgraded to a Shapeoko XXL and no longer need the smaller footprint, so it’s just gathering dust.

Also includes the low profile vise! No bits or other accessories, just the Nomad, power supply, and vise.

I’m in Sacramento, but willing to deliver/meet anywhere within 80 miles, so bay area is fine.

I am interested. I live in east bay. How much do you want for it?


Hi GK,

Im selling the Nomad Pro + Vise for $1500. Let me know if you have any other questions.



hey, is this still available? I live near Sacramento

Hey, yup it’s still available. Shoot me a direct message if you have any other questions!

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sorry im new to the forums, I can’t seem to find the direct messages. could you send me one?

If you click on the person’s icon or name, a pop-up should appear with the Message button.

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DJ dropped this off today and I just got it set up. Thank you!


Welcome to another Nomad user!


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