SOLD * Nomad 883 Pro for sale * SOLD

This has been a great little machine, and served it’s purpose. My company purchased this to test if CNC was something we could successfully bring in house. It was able to do everything we needed, but we have out grown it. We are only selling it for the space. Machine probably has 40-50 hours of cuts on it MAX.

Nomad 883 Pro HDPE enclosure: Always kept clean, used very little.
Custom LED lights installed
Original Carbide 3D Aluminum bed
Carbide waste board (this is used and should be replaced, but will get you started)
Carbide Vice
.25" Edge finder
High Tech Systems replacement bed (sea-of-holes and compatible with the C3D bed)
Full set of bolts, brackets, and cams for the sea-of-holes
R11 0.25" collet and nut
R11 0.125" collect and nut
Carbide 3D 2 flute 0.125" square end end mill
Carbide 3D 2 flute 0.125" ball end end mill
1x2x3 blocks (2)
Step Clamp set
MeshCAM license (I need to check how to transfer this, we use Fusion 360 now its free)
Misc. tools that go with the machine
USB cable
Power supply
Original packaging

I’m asking $2400
I live near Swartz Creek Michigan, zip 48436. I can help with shipping if required.
You can message me here. I will be listing it locally as well.

I have included some random pictures of the machine and some of the projects we have done. I can provide a video of it running as well.

Sale pending, I will repost if it goes back up for sale.

Just checking to see if you’ve sold it yet, I’m interested. Thanks!

Good morning bgamm,

           The Nomad is still for sale. It is located in Michigan, not sure if you are looking to ship or do a local pick-up.

Looks like it has been a few days since anyone has commented on this. Is the machine still for sale? I am also interested. Live about a half hour from Swartz Creek so I could pick it up. Looks like it has been used for something similar to what I am looking to do with it. Thanks.

Sorry, machine was sold. It wont let me delete the post.

Rather than delete, marked as sold.

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