*** SOLD *** Nomad 883 PRO SOLD - Kansas City *** SOLD ***

Hi! I’m selling my Nomad 883 Pro!

The reason I’m selling it is because it is no longer needed as I’m now up and running on my giant Thermwood 5’x10’ router and I’m buying a Grizzly mill that was converted to CNC. I bought the Nomad (same maker as Shapeoko) to learn CAM programming. It was an EXCELLENT tool for that as I’m now comfortable working on much larger machines. Overall, the machine probably has about 20 hours of run time. I used Autodesk Fusion 360 (Free for hobbyists!!) to make my models and create my CAM. As you probably know Carbide 3D also makes their own software that is supposed to be very easy to use. The community here and over on reddit is AWESOME and really helped me to learn CNC programming.

Before you buy it, I can run a sample part on it if you like and show you how it works if you’re local. I can also send you videos of it running. Shipping wise, you’re responsible for 100% and it’ll be FOB Origin. I have the original box and can toss it on a pallet or do whatever you want to get it shipped to your location. It’ll be your deal though.

Asking Price: $2000

Included is:
Nomad 883 Pro - $2499
Low Profile Vise - $120
Nomad Threaded Table - $100
number102 .125" Flat Cutter (only one, I’m keeping the other 2)
1/8" collet and nut plus a 1/4" collet and nut
Half a roll of carpet tape used to hold materials down while cutting

That’s a total of ~$2719!

It is a great machine and I’m sad to see it go, but I really have no use for it now that I have access to bigger toys now :).

The best way to get ahold of me is to PM me here. Thanks!!!

Again, my asking is $2000.

I understand you’re probably wanting to sell the whole deal as a package, but if you’re willing to part with the lowpro vise and threaded table as a package, I’d be glad to pay for that and the shipping to my place in Idaho. Let me know, thanks for your time.

I’m willing to break up the package into parts for those who are interested. I’m PM you.

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Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this. I live in Omaha and will be in Kansas City the 16th - 18th of this month, so I can pay cash in person and we wouldn’t have to worry about shipping. Let’s exchange contact info and go from there.

The machine is sold! Thanks everyone for the interest.