[Sold] Nomad 883 Pro + VCarve Pro + Extras

Nomad 883 Pro and VCarve Pro have been sold sold.

I have a Nomad 883 Pro for sale with a few extras. Also looking to sell my copy of VCarve Pro (sells for $700). Located in Phoenix, AZ if you’d like to stop by and see it in person. Not entirely sure how much time I have on it, but I would guesstimate about 40-50 hours. The machine runs like a champ! The Nomad does have a few small dents (cosmetic only) on the front of the machine on the aluminum (see link for pics below). Would like to bundle the Nomad and VCarve Pro, but willing to sell separately.

-Nomad 883 Pro
-Upgraded threaded table
-Low profile vice
-Various endmills and scribing bits
-4 Spoiler boards

Looking to get $1,800 + S&H for the Nomad and $500 for Vcarve Pro or $2,200 for both combined.


Bump for price drop.

Has the V carve been opened or registered? Sorry to hear you are selling. Ray

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No need to be sorry! Decided a different machine for my business would be more appropriate.

VCarve has been opened and registered, but Vectric website allows one transfer. Happy to verify the license number with Vectric prior to the sale. Per their website:

“If you have purchased a single user license directly from Vectric or one of our authorised partners, we would usually allow you to transfer the single user license to another individual or company, subject to the licence conditions having been adhered to and the payment of a licence transfer fee (currently $50).”