*** SOLD *** ShapeOko 3 #0054 - Greater Seattle, WA Area *** SOLD ***

I am selling my first SO3, #0054 because I just don’t have the room for it now that I am expanding my 3D printer area in my spare bedroom. I also decided to go with a water cooled spindle for my XXL, so the SuperPID and PreciseBits items are not needed anymore.


SO3 with upgraded Z axis plate
Replaced 1/2" MDO wasteboard with 3/4" MDO wasteboard and added (a loooooot of 1/4-20 inserts)
Drag chain and 3D printed brackets
Extra Z axis toothed belts
Extra V-wheels (4 of them)
DeWalt DWP611
1/4" end mill and a couple of 1/8" end mills to get started
EDIT: Forgot the 26" x 30" x 6" box beam base made of 3/4" MDO.
AND a second DeWalt DWP611 (I like having spare parts)

PreciseBits Ultra Precise (UP) collet set, including:

SuperPID with:

  • 2m optical cable
  • Extra 2m optical cable
  • Bud box this one
  • Toggle swtiches and covers
  • Ribbon wire extensions to put the display in the lid
  • IEC socket, 1/4" headphone jack and NEMA plug to make it so you can disconnect all the wiring from the box.
  • Nice black anodized trim pot knob.
  • Small neon lights. I had my previous box set up so that the green light meant it was plugged in, the orange light meant the SuperPID was turned on, and the red light meant the spindle was running. The yellow guarded switch turned on the SuperPID and the red guarded switch turned on the spindle.

3D printed 1-2-3 blocks and hold downs. The 1-2-3 blocks are only accurate to around 0.005 or so, but I only used them with my diamond drag bit, so the accuracy of the parts was a non-issue.
The clamps I designed to use 5/8" rod and 1/4-20 socket head cap screws (SHCS) like the Incra clamps I use, but I never got around to picking up the rod and cutting it down. You can have the 3D printed parts if you want, but to be clear, the 5/8" rod and stainless steel SHCS are not included.

I’m not interested in shipping, but willing to drive an hour or so to meet up.


EDIT Throwing in the Dell Inspiron 1545 Running Win 7 Home Premium I was going to use for controlling it.

I’ll make another post with how I wired up my previously asembled SuperPID (that I gave to my dad) if anyone is interested.


Is bringing it back up once a week appropriate?


Throwing in the Dell Inspiron 1545 I was going to use to control it.

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