SOLD: Shapeoko 3 plus Accessories

I bought this Shapeoko 3 kit about this time last year, assembled and tested it, but then got distracted and never went back. (Too many hobbies!)

It’s the basic “3” with a DeWalt router. I added a suckit dust control and bought a bunch of cutting/engraving tools. The last item of note is a “DT-2234” digital tach.

This entire kit can be yours for $750. I’m in the Tampa, FL area for local pickup. I will pack and ship it if you pay the UPS Store charges.

I have a full set of pictures. Give me your email and I will send them that way.

Hi Andy. I’m in Orlando and interested in your cnc. Email me to discuss details?


@Andy_D till available?

Someone is coming by today to look. I will let you know later.

Thanks for your interest, but the S3 sold today.

Thanks again for the Shapeoko! I have it up and running and it’s working great! I’ll send some photos of my work to you soon :slight_smile:


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