SOLD: Shapeoko 3 w/extras

For sale is a Shapeoko 3, purchased on Jan 13 of this year along with bits and pieces I’ve picked up along the way.

Included items as follows:

  • Standard Shapeoko 3
  • Makita Router (the nut to tighten end mills is a little roughed up)
  • Sweepy dust boot (sized for the Makita)
  • All of the allen keys / wrenches that come with the Shapeoko 3
  • 1/8" Makita precision reducing collet
  • Approx 10 end mills (1x1/4", 2x1/8", 1x1/8" ball, 2x 1/16", 2x1/32", 1x1" facing, 60 Degree V bit) and a number of metric PCB drill bits
  • Wasteboard (with M6 threaded inserts) on top of the the normal wasteboard
  • Assortment of M6 hardware
  • 4x flat metal clamps (approx 1/8"x1"x2" sort of things)
  • 1x extra Z-axis belt
  • 2x extra v-wheels
  • 2x 123 Blocks
  • 2x rolls of double-sided tape from the Carbide3D web store
  • 1x roll of aluminum tape
  • Low profile vice
  • DIY probe
  • DIY Enclosure (it’s a pretty rough basic thing, measures approx 32"x 30"x60")
  • Dust Deputy Setup w/ Stinger Vacuum
  • Some raw materials (1/2"x3"x12" 6061 Aluminum Bar, some 6061 plates from Carbide3D web store, b&w 2 tone HDPE from Carbide3D web store, clear acrylic from Carbide3D web store, 2 small bars of 4140, misc odds and ends of wood)

This is ready to cut from the get go. It’s been relatively trammed etc. There may be a couple more odds and ends that I’ll be lumping in with this.

Los Angeles area, local pickup only. I’d need to sell all of this at once (including the enclosure) to whoever purchases this as I’m moving and can’t take this with me. It’s been a great machine to learn on and I hate to part with it but would rather it go to someone who’ll use it than have it just sit in storage.


@d.wonmail Denny, would you clarify whether that is an XL size?

Looks like a standard SO3 :face_with_monocle:

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BrokenEndmill is correct, it is a Standard size Shapeoko. Listing has been amended to reflect that. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions!

I might be interested. Very new to this. I live just north of Los Angeles. Where are you located?

Hey Doug,

Thanks for the interest! Just responded in a private message.


Hey Denny,

I have not seen anything in my PM? It might be because I am brand new on the board. Sorry.


Hey Doug,

Sorry about that. I’m in the Los Feliz area.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help out with!


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