SOLD *** Shapeoko 3 XXL for sale in PNW *** SOLD

I’m moving cross country and I’m concerned the movers will destroy my XXL, so I’m selling it and will replace it with a new XXL when I get there. It’s located in Northwest Washington State. Pickup only.

Includes touch probe, Bitsetter, New Carbide router, etc.


I’m in Spokane WA and I’m interested. Which version is yours and how far (hours if not comfortable sharing city) are you?

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Hey - in Portland, OR - same questions as above.


The XXL was purchased in March 2020. Not sure what version that is.

I’m in Anacortes, WA

Purchased in March 2020. I live in Anacortes, WA

A picture would help to identify the model.

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I imagine the question is about the HDZ. Yes, it does.

Sold… Thanks for your interest.