SOLD: Shapeoko 3 XXL (Utah)

Asking $1600. Pick up only.

I purchased this in December 2019. It probably has less than 5 hours of use so practically new. Shortly after I assembled it we decided to finish our basement and since then it’s been set aside and hasn’t been used.

Here is what’s included:
1x Shapeoko 3 (All Sizes) - XXL with Carbide Compact Router for $1,820.00 each
1x Gator Tooth Clamps - Anodized Aluminium for $60.00 each
1x Shapeoko BitZero for $99.00 each
1x Threaded Inserts (Qty 100) - Inch for $16.00 each
1x Sweepy - The Dust Boot That Sucks - 65mm (Carbide Compact Router) for $30.00 each
1x Shapeoko BitSetter for $120.00 each

Totaled up this cost me $2145, if I did my math right.