SOLD: Shapeoko 3 XXL with HDZ + tons of goodies

Shapeoko 3 XXL with HDZ, proximity sensor kit, and a lot of delightful extras. You can pay shipping if you live elsewhere, but I’d REALLY rather not ship.

It’s hard for me to believe, but I’m upgrading to a full sized commercial grade CNC machine, and thus I must sell my beautiful, faithful friend of the last few years, plus its enclosure and a lot of great stuff, as follows:
Shapeoko 3 XXL
Shapeoko HDZ for Shapeoko 3
Shapeoko 3 Maintenance Kit
Carbide Compact Router
Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router
Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot
T-Track and Clamp Kit for Shapeoko 3 XXL
Super awesome enclosure with batwing doors, e-stop, cool laptop arm, and torsion table, but not the lower cabinets. NOTE: ENCLOSURE IS OPTIONAL. If you don’t want it, no problem.

Robot in its enclosure, open. I didn’t bother with fancy gas springs. A piece of wood has worked perfectly for years now. There is a hole, not shown, for a dust collection hose.

Robot in enclosure, closed. The LED lights are nice.

Enclosure from side. Note, the bottom portion with the cabinets is not for sale, only the torsion table and batwing enclosure is:

Batwings open. Basically it’s a Lamborghini (I built it this way to fit beneath a very low ceiling in my previous shop):

HDZ, Sweepy, and off the shelf Makita router. I’ve made about $6k with this setup in the last two months. It is very useful.

Proximity Sensors:

Super cool arm for laptop - (laptop not for sale)

Replacement Carbide Router - note that the currently installed Makita router was put in during an emergency, when my other Carbide Router died, and I was finishing a job for a client. It should last you a while, but here is the proper router, unused.

Bitzero V1, a bit scratched but still perfectly functional

E-Stop - cuts power to the router and the robot

Replacement proximity sensor for Z axis. If you look closely in other photos you will notice the wire on the currently installed sensor is damaged. I have soldered it and expect the repair to last a long time, but this is the replacement in case it dies.

Shapeoko 3 maintenance kit. I have never cracked a v-wheel, but I have been through several belts. If the machine goes down, you are ready to fix her.

This has been a great machine for me, and enabled me to get to the point where I both need, and am ready for, a full sized 4x8 CNC.

I’m sad to be at the end of my journey with Carbide3D! I started with a Nomad, back in 2016, and have never regretted it. They are an amazing company, and I’ve no doubt they will help whomever buys this machine. If they offered a full size CNC, I’d have bought it.

Alas, it’s time for me to move out into the commercial grade industrial CNC world. Thanks so much, @Jorge @robgrz @ApolloCrowe, and all the rest of the crew. You honestly can’t know how much your products and support have meant to me.


@MrHume Hey Joshua…which Industrial CNC are you going with?

I ended up choosing one of these:
Although not with the vacuum workholding. I had originally intended to do one from Avid CNC, where you build it yourself, but the overall time it would have taken me to make the thing would have worked out to be much more expensive than just buying one ready to go.

Price and location please?

Sorry Joshua, i saw your location. just to far.

Where are you located? I’m driving from New York to North Carolina tomorrow (Wednesday), and back on Thursday, so if you’re along that route, it might work.

I’m putting this listing on craigslist today, but I wanted to bump it back up on these boards, since I’d really much rather sell it to someone from the community.

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