SOLD - Shapeoko 3XL for Sale - Northern Virginia

FYI… The unit was just sold!

I have a Shapeoko 3XL for sale for $500 or best offer. I live in Falls Church, VA. Anyone interested would need to be able to come pick it up. Included with it are the following:

  • Dewalt router with 1/8" and 1/4" collets
  • Suckit dust boot
  • LED lighting strip (mounted under the x-axis beam)
  • Various spare parts (extra v-wheels, etc)
  • Original hex tools

In the interest of full disclosure, the machine is currently in need of some calibration. Also, I never was able to get the home switches to function (honestly, I don’t know if that is an issue of faulty switches or my not understanding how to get the set up correctly). That has never been an issue for me, as I manually set zero on every cut, but I just want to be honest.

Please send me a message if you are interested.

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Man I wish I was in VA…I"d be on to this like a shot. Still trying to get another x rail for my SO3 so that I can expand the width. I know there are other parts needed but I can handle those locally and can’t afford the International freight on an expansion pack :unamused:

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