SOLD ~ Shapeoko Pro XXL with VFD Spindle Kit Washington DC - No longer available - SOLD

Will donate my lightly used Shapeoko pro XXL Asking $2900. Will deliver for free with in a 400 mile radius of Washington DC.

Included in the sale are:
Shapeoko Pro XXL
Shapeoko Heavy Duty HDZ
Shapeoko VFD Spindle Kit
Shapeoko Touch Probe
Shapeoko Sweepy
Shapeoko Deep Sweep for Sweepy
Shapeoko Bit-runner
PWNCNC Y Axis Dust Covers

I just ordered the pro xxl and it is on back order where I placed my order. How many hours have you run the machine and how long have you had it? What makes you want to sell this now?

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I’ve had it for about eight months. My work schedule has been fairly and so I probably have about 8 hours on the machine. I’m selling the XXL Pro to fund the purchase of a 2x2 pro and to make room in my super tiny garage for my electric car.

@Usedspacecraft It looks like the Shapeoko Pro is back in stock. Hopefully this means your order will be shipping.

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Hopefully. When I saw your post I worried that there was something about it that you didn’t like and were getting rid of it after little use. But it sounds like it’s a space issue like most of us have. Hopefully somebody snatches up your machine. It’s a great deal with that upgraded spindle setup.

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Definitely a space issue. I live in The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington DC. I can’t myself lucky to even have a garage.

@DCFYI if by chance you still have this and still want to sell down the road, give me a shout, I’m just outside Philadelphia.

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