*** SOLD *** Standard Shapeoko 3 *** SOLD ***

I have a standard size Shapeoko 3 for sale (#87 if I remember correctly). Completely stock with the original controller (Carbide has an option to buy the newest controller for a discount). No spindle, so you will need to buy a Dewalt spindle as this does not have the adapter ring for the Makita.

Completely assembled and works great, I just don’t have a need for two anymore (I also have an XXL).

Located in Colorado Springs, but can crate it up and ship it in the US for $75.

Price: $750

Will post pictures in the next couple days.

Just to note, the adapter ring is available separately: https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/tools/products/makita-rt0701-adapter (or one can use a 3rd party mount — I sourced one back before the adapter ring was available)

and the new Z-axis plate (EDIT: which the machine in question already has) is on a hidden page in the shop: https://shop.carbide3d.com/products/shapeoko-upgrade-z-axis-plate

and you can upgrade to 9mm belts using the Maintenance Kit: https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/tools/products/shapeoko-maintenance-kit


Interesting !!! will waiting for the pic.

Sorry for taking so long to post pictures (getting ready to move and got distracted)

This one is #0035 ( I was a bit off on my original post). It has the upgraded Z axis already, but does not have the updated controller/belts.

To upgrade the controller folks can either get a Stepoko board (if they want opensource) or write in to support@carbide3d.com noting the circumstances and we can work out how the new owner can get an upgrade/spare board.

Anyone interested? Just want it to go somewhere it will get used.

Feel free to send an offer, there’s a good chance I will take it.


you should post it forsale on the facebook group aswell.

I’m interested. Sent a pm.

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I’m in Pueblo, do you still have this for sale? Very interested! You can text me at 920 471 3311.

Thank you!

Sorry, it has been sold.

I’ve edited the first post to mark this as sold and will lock it. If not okay, let us know via PM.