SOLD *** (UK) Shapeoko 3, FlashForge Creator Pro, Mini Lathe, Bandsaw, and more *** SOLD

Hi all,

I’m selling all of my gear used for making stuff (change in life priorities). :wink:

  • Shapeoko 3 (standard size), with 4mm aluminium bed (pretty solid).

    • Kress 1050 FME-1 spindle - website
    • The holes in the aluminium bed were tapped by hand to M4 size. I have a sheet of 6mm aluminium I bought at the same time which I’d been intending to tap as well (using the S3), but never got around to it as the existing alum bed is easily good enough. If you want it, consider it included as well. :slight_smile:
    • This is one of the older Shapeoko 3’s, though I’ve upgraded it with the Carbide 3D limit switches, the newest Carbide Motion Control board (and thus using Carbide Motion 4), and Z-axis upgrade.
  • FlashForge Creator Pro - website

    • This is a Chinese knock-off (and improvement over) the MakerBot Replicator 2X (that’s from memory).
    • It works well, though I haven’t really used it much in the last few months. I printed some stuff off with it on the weekend (3+ hour job), just to verify it’s still fine. It is. :slight_smile:
    • Includes several rolls of filament (many unopened, some exotic), and some extra bits
  • Axminster metal cutting bandsaw UE-127DV1 - website

    • One of my favourite machine tools, but alas this has to go as well. :slight_smile:
    • I use this for cutting wood (mostly 2x4"), plastic (various rods), and metal (steel angle, various rods).
  • CJ18A Mini-lathe with a bunch of accessories - website

    • That Ebay link is literally where I bought it, so all of the accessories listed there:
      • Fixed and Travelling Steadies
      • Tail Stock Chuck
      • Live Centre
      • Quick Change Tool Post
      • 100mm 4 Jaw Independent Chuck
      • 160mm face plate
      • 7 Piece Indexable Chrome TiN lathe tools (High Quality) ← some of these are worn now, so you’d probably want to get new ones
      • 4pc Engineers Measuring Kit (including caliper and outside micrometer)
    • You’re welcome to have the wooden stand thing you can see it on in the photos.
      • It was the first stand type thing I made, before I knew that jigs were a thing. Does the job and is steady though. :slight_smile:
  • Axminster Model Engineer Series SX1 Micro Mill - website

    • Also with a bunch of accessories I bought at the same time I purchased it
  • Proxxon SP/E Grinding & Polishing Machine - website

    • This was my first bench grinder, before I really understood what they were useful for.
    • It’s extremely small, not like a regular bench grinder.
    • Personally, I consider it a toy more than a real tool, and so it’s mostly just sat unused.
    • That being said, it still works fine. :slight_smile:
  • Pingtek Table Saw - website

    • As table saws go, this is “functional” but pretty crap. Not recommended in any way. :wink:
      • Although it cuts fine, the guide rail it comes with is incredibly flimsy, so moves in operation.
      • You’ll probably want to throw out this guide rail and make up your own. After which this will probably be a reasonably decent table saw.
  • Record Irwin 1ton-e Workshop vice - website

    • In perfect condition. As vice’s go, this is decent and it works well. Not damaged in any way.

Much of it is fairly weighty stuff, so this would suit someone with a van or light truck who can just take the whole lot off my hands. Location wise, I’m in Porthtowan (Cornwall).

To buy this stuff again today would cost just over £4k. As I’m looking to get rid or it fairly quickly, I’ll accept offers of around £1400.00 as long as you can pick it all up. :slight_smile:

Pics below (might need to span a bunch of entries for these, not sure):

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Wow, that’s a great price for all that. I wish I was in the UK and could take advantage of it!

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Yeah, looking to get rid of it in a week or so. If no-one shows any interest here I’ll just put them on Ebay individually or something.

Ebay has been randomly putting holds on my funds “for up to 21 days” though (even though I have had absolutely no negative feedback since I opened my account there around a decade ago!). Thus my not really wanting to put stuff on it there atm. Not impressed with Ebay. :wink:

I think I’m keen :smiley:

Keen is a good start. :slight_smile:

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and passing for a weekend away… dangerous mix

@WillAdams you can slose this down as it’d sold to this guy :grin:

Yep, it’s all gone. :smile:

@Luke might be unavailable for a few weeks due to New Toys™. :wink: