Solidworks CAM generated Gcode: error msg in Carbide Motion

I am new to using Carbide Motion and the Nomad:

I am using Solidworks CAM to generate the gcode I am reading into Carbide Motion for the Nomad. I am using the ’ CNC code.cnc’ file type.

When I am using a single tool I only have an error in line one which I am able to ‘fix’ by just removing the first line in the Gcode file. When my Gcode is for multiple tools ( endmills), I am getting a bunch or errors.

I am wondering if anybody else has encountered a similar problem and if this issue is associated with Solidworks CAM ?

Try this one?

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At a guess, it sounds like your post is writing out gcode that the nomad controller does not understand. Akin to speaking different dialects of the same language… it’s close, but not quite right.

Edit: willadams won the race.

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Can you post a sample error-prone gcode file?

As @WillAdams said, use a different post processor.


Thank you all for responding. I just used another post processor and I ahve been using it with Solidworks CAM . I found
one called GRBL for the NOMAD and SHAPEOKO here:

That fixed it. Thank you !!

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Post processors make a big difference on Shapeoko/Nomad.

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