Solidworks competing with Autodesk Fusion 360

(William Adams) #1

Just added this to the wiki:

Free license available: “Select no to having a serial number enter the promo code 918MAKER choose 2018-2019 for the version”[]

(mikep) #2

Cool. Too bad it’s Windows only.

(Phil Gorsuch) #3

Good news there. I am happy with F360 workflow but good to know there is another hobby/maker/home shop option! Wasn’t able to find the detailed license on a cursory search, but would be curious on the maker restrictions, eg similar to F360s income cap restriction?

(William Adams) #4

Seems to be more in line with their existing .edu watermark and inability to open files on commercial versions of the software.

(Stuart) #5

Woah… Thanks for the link! I like the CAD side of solidworks much more than f360, but I find the CAM much less intuitive/powerful.

(Pete) #6

awesome! I have more experience with solidworks