SOLUTION TO: ERROR: Bad Character in gcode file

I’ve been running into this periodically and think* it may be related to editing an existing Carbide Create file with different job info.

I did a Google search but couldn’t find anything addressing the issue on these forums and thought I’d chime in should it help someone else.

I opened the erroneous gcode file in and removed all the ‘comments’ listed in green type within brackets and re-saved. It seems that the comments were throwing of CM’s ability to read the gcode… that’s my armchair analysis - worked for me with several ‘rogue’ files.

Hope this helps someone.

The problem seems to be using characters beyond 7-bit ASCII in either the tooling description, or the filename or path (both of which are included in the comments).

Another possibility is overly long filenames or path which runs over the Grbl line-length limit.

Please send any such files in to us at and we’ll do our best to look into this with you.

Talk to the programmers of CM and say, “You had one job …” :frowning:

I think the line length limit may have been fixed — you’d have to check the version log or w/ @robgrz

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