Solved: Hiccup while cutting wood with the Nomad - Help!

I’m brand new to the CNC world and have been working with @mbellon to help me understand the basics of my Nomad 883 Pro. Using V-Carve Pro Mark had be create a few objects (circle and two squares) to run a few test runs on the machine using 2x4 as material.

The machine cut out the circle (pocket cut) just fine, but encountered a hiccup when the machine tried to cut the square (profile cut). The machine made the first outline or the square just fine, but during the second pass it seemed to get off track and stuck in the wood. The spindle (not sure if this is the right term) stopped rotating, but kept moving as if it was trying to cut the wood. Mark looked at the G-Code and said everything looked fine, but we’re stumped. Mark asked I include some specifics of the projects, but not sure if I have everything listed for y’all to help me out. If you need more info, just let me know.

Tool: .125" Endmill
Pass Depth: .0313"
Stepover: .05" / 40%
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Feed Rate: 20
Plunge Rate: 1
Cut Depth: .25"

Picture of where the machine got stuck

On a related note, I created another job with some other shapes. The circle, oval, and star were cut out just fine but encountered the same issue with the rectangle. It seems like the Nomad is struggling with straight lines.

Second project as described above

Has anybody encountered this problem before? Thank you for the help!

I had a similar problem where the spindle stop in the middle of a cut. The problem was cause by a bad spindle board. Contact support and they will help you.

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Thanks for the help! Contacted the guys at Carbide and they said they’ll take care of it. I’ll reply with a fix when I get the issue resolved.

The guys at Carbide overnighted me a new board. Very easy to install and seems to have fixed my problem. Thank you, Jorge!