Solved: Nomad Pro + CM4 + grbl 1.1 + probe = measure tool length broken

Hey folks,
Got my probe a while ago and finally set it up today. Have a 2.4d board. Plugged it into the empty socket, ran the cord through the hole in the bottom of the electronics box at the back of the Nomad, as shown in the photo.

Grounded to the metal plate the electronics box is mounted to (see second photo).

With machine on, probe LED is green, and turns red when touched with the alligator clip. So far so good.

Next, I updated to grbl 1.1 and CM4. CM4 quasi-automatically sent the homing parameters to the machine. It now homes, but when measuring tool length on the Nomad’s tool length measurer, the machine stops about halfway down and says “ERROR (4): Probing Cycle Failed”.



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So Jorge just pointed out that the socket the probe connects into was apparently on the board backwards. I removed the board, cut off the tab from the socket so I could insert the probe connector turned 180 degrees, reinstalled the board, and plugged in the probe. Now tool length probing both like a charm.

Thanks Jorge!!