[SOLVED] SO3 Sparkfun Stepoko board no Y axis movement

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I am currently in the last steps of building my Shapeoko 3 Sparkfun Edition. I have connected all the motors but I think the Y-axis motors are not connected correct. When I switch the controller on, the “Direction Y” LED on the Stepoko board does not light up. And if I try to move the Y-axis, the motors seem to lock each other and make a bad sound.
I did test the different coils on the two motors (red/blue and green/black where a coil on each motor) and connected red of motor one to blue of motor 2 and vice versa and green of motor 1 to black of motor 2 and vice versa.
When connecting these pairs to the A+/A- and B+/B- terminals on the board, I connected them so that both red/blue pairs got on the B terminals and the green/black pairs got on the A terminals. Is this not correct? Do I need to change them?
What causes the “Direction Y” LED to not light up?

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Found the reason: It seems that in some cases, one pair of cables needs to NOT be crossed over, e.g. red on red and blue on blue instead of red on blue as described in the installation guide. Sparkfun has actually even released a video describing the effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7A0pnUetRY

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Just a point of clarification for future readers, the Sparkfun edition uses different electronics so don’t swap wires on the machines we ship from Carbide 3D.

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