Some laser work I've been doing here lately

disclaimer, this is with a different machine.

Here is some shingles I’ve done. these shingles are from a old house which is cool.


Awesome work, Jeremy!
What laser and what machine are you using?
What software toolchains do you employ?

Laser is on my list, and inquiring minds want to know.

it’s a ULS versalaser 2.3 with a 30 watt tube and I also have rotary attachment as well. I use corel draw for that for drawing or importing images laserable images.

The laser is treated like a computer printer, when you print something it sends it to the laser software. The laser software uses a specified colors like “tool paths”. a hairline is a vector cut and a solid color fill would be a “pocket” .

I love my laser and am always finding different things to use it for. I use an epilog helix 60w and stopped using my cnc for engraving unless I want the specific look of a vcarve or for profiles.

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Yeah, I worked at a placed that bought a laser engraver for engraving 2 way radios. I was the one who had to learn how to do it, I also slowly got them to do do things other than what it was bought for. when I left that place I wanted to get one of my own but the price was too high for me to justify it as a hobby. That’s what led me to the shapeoko and I was content with it but there are just some things you can’t do with a cnc. I ran across this one from a dealer trade in that was completely refurbished and the laser tube was recharged and I pulled the trigger. Its basicly the same machine I had worked with before.

Maybe if the hobby grows enough I will get a bigger machine that I wanted to get.

We’ve had an Epilog for a long time- we still make a Nomad part on it. It’s a great machine that paid for itself many many times over. We also used only Corel Draw or Rhino on it. Those two were the only “safe” programs. Whenever our designers used Illustrator (back when we did product development work) there was a 10% chance there would be a hidden line in the output that cut right across the part.

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