Some necklace designs for an art show I am a part of

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/40e56d564546eff890301f46d7f12c7d6d89709b.jpg" width=“690” height=“461”
Hey all. This forum has been incredibly helpful for me in my process of learning the Nomad and I wanted to say thanks. Pretty much have been using the nomad exclusively to make jewelry since I first got it in May and am showing what is going to total about 90 pieces in an art show. Wanted to show you some examples.
If you are curious about some of my other work I have an instagram.
Shameless plug. Sorry :wink:


Nice Work, thank you for sharing.
I love hardwoods, Do I spot Cocobolo ? What is the Blonde wood?

Thanks! The blonde pieces are yellow heart. Just got in touch with a luthier who is selling me his ebony scrap and I am completely obsessed.