Some pics of some XXL pro simple mods

Here are some pics of a couple of simple mods I did.
I had a little bit of spare time and was starring at the machine. The next thing I knew I had a couple of mods done :slight_smile:

Plugging the hole under the Y rails:
Each side has 2 pieces 40 inches long.
no 1 piece: fits under the rail and up against the posts that support the rail. The top outside corner was trimmed off at 30 degrees ish so I could get it in there on a bit of an angle, stand it upright and then slide it under the rail.
no 2 piece. is a tight fit that fits in-between the fist piece and the hold down T track. I cut a small notch in the lower inside corner to match the T rail.
No dust is getting through there anymore :slight_smile:

I then added some risers to the Y rails to try to keep the dust from going over the rails.
They are just cut very slightly over length. I loosened off the front to rail caps, put the risers in place and then tightened the front rail caps back up, pinching them between the end cap and the front cap.

I cut out some travels that fit over the Y rail bearings. They just drop in and sit on the rail sweeping them off as the go. It is a quick prototype. If it works good, I will have to 3d print them. Also it would be better if they were in 2 pieces, coming in from the front and the back, as it is a bit tricky to line up the one piece to slide in over both bearing blocks at the same time.
These simply push the dust off the rails and also help prevent dust from falling into the bearing area.

I ordered some stick on door weather seal , it is a roll of clear thin silicone strips 35 mm wide. 10mm with sticky. I added it under the belt and it sticks out over the y rails. Sorry no pics on this one yet
I only did one side at this time to compare

Happy Carving :slight_smile:


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