Some projects we've been making

Hey all. Heres a few things we’ve been selling made proudly from our so3 XXL.

Not posting this for purposes of advertising, but we have a website with more photos as well. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested. It could help others get ideas for products they are making/ selling as well.

Unfortunately I cannot provide any of the files for these projects. We have a lot of time invested! But if there’s something you like feel free to send me a PM.

Also I wanted to comment on other projects on the forums here. Very cool stuff. I look forward to checking what others are making.


very nice work indeed what software are you using to design in?

Thank you, using vectric aspire

Always amazed by your stuff. Absolutely awesome.

May I ask how you “painted” the Black Smoke sign? Like your steps/process?

The Black Smoke patch is awesome. The embossing and painted stitches really sell the leather feel. Hands down, one of the nicest plaque/emblem pieces I’ve ever seen.


I agree with @Gruneun, that is one of the nicest badge/shield plaques I have ever seen! Your finishes are top notch, @mhoffman8727!

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I hope WOW is enough…because the more I look at these…WOW!

I’ll echo the comments above with respect to the Blacksmoke shield. Phenomenal!

Blacksmoke/pride of the eastside are bad a$$!! beautiful work!

I agree. These are all amazing!
I would be curious to learning your painting/finishing technique as well!

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The picture of the police badge above with “500” is that someones badge number or does it represent something like a 500 club. Many departments have a fund for fallen officers families.