Some Random Projects

Just a few of the projects I’ve worked on lately. Even got my son involved on a few of them. Made an iPhone 7 plus/apple watch stand for my night stand, an expandable marble game that we play often, and a distressed pallet sign for the office I work in. My son and I are currently working on a wooden crossbow and are about done with it. I will upload some pics of it soon.

I am using mostly Autocad Fusion 360 for design and CAM…I use regular Autocad for the designs sometimes because I’m more familiar with it than Fusion.


That is a great looking marble game. How is it played?

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Thanks! Well, it’s kind of a spin off of Jokers and Marbles. You basically start with 4 marbles at the “home” location and roll a dice to move around the board. You have to roll a 1 or a 6 to get one of your marbles out of the home location and then from that point whatever you roll is how many spaces you can move ahead. Goal is to get all of your marbles around the board and into your “Base”. If other players roll a 1 while they are on the board, they can knock you back to Home and take your position on the board. You can also knock others off the board if you land on their spot on a normal dice roll. When you get to your base with one of your marbles, if you have 5 spaces left to get all the way into your base, you have to roll a 5 or less to get in. For example, if you rolled a 4, that would leave you one space short of getting all the way into the base and the next turn you would need to roll a 1. Also, a roll of a 6 will let you move backwards 6 spaces. Any time you roll a 1 or 6, you get to roll again. That’s a lot of info…if you want to make the game, I can send you a better set of rules that we have written down at home. I also have the .NC CAM file if you want it. Uses a .25" flat end mill. I can cut 2 game pieces at a time on my XL…so that’s what the CAM file is set up for.


That is a very cool game. I have a Shapeoko 3. Would I be able to run this on my machine. Is this something that you would share?

links to:

which has a link to an SVG source and the note:

We fit two of them diagonally so that we could make them as large as possible on the stock Shapeoko 2, so that’s how they’re arranged in the SVG.

I would be more than happy to share the file Brett! I did however make it on the XL and I don’t think it will fit the standard Shapeoko.