Somebody's been watching tutorials again

A couple years ago, I promised my oldest nephew a picture.
I finally made it tonight.
I designed the frame in ArtCam by Extruding a drawn profile shape around an oval, then pasted circles along a curve, and domed them with the shape editor, then saved the relief.
I then sculpted his face with the face wizard in ArtCam, and saved that relief.
I then opened a new model, the size I wanted, loaded and pasted the frame down, then loaded and pasted his face on top/center of that.
For the V carved initials, you simulate the rough and finish toolpaths first, then hover your mouse pointer over the area to carve, and in the bottom right of the screen, you can see the Z depth to start your v carving from.
I’m starting to get the hang of it, I think.
I still have to stain it.
It’s 15"HX11"W
Done with 3flute1/4" EM for roughing and profiling, 2 flute 1/8" ball end mill for finishing, and a 1/4" 60 degree v bit for the initials.


Love it! Now that I’ve gotten the hang of Adobe Illustrator, meshCam, and carbide motion… I don’t think I’ll ever worry about trying other programs. Those three are working perfectly.

Your carving is wonderful :slight_smile: Post more! Showing the things that can be done with the Nomad and Shapeko gives a lot of courage to beginners.


That’s amazing Jerry, would love to see the original picture. Maybe I’ll have to consider the “cloud” environment if I ever want to perform this type of work (which I do). Love the beaded frame too.

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Here’s the original. I stole his Facebook, profile picture :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments.
It’s still hit and miss with me on these faces.
I make aluminum parts all day for $, but learning, and CNC art is my passion.
I love getting on the Shapeoko every chance I get.
For a poor boy, from the Arkansas hills, this is a dream come true for sure :slight_smile:


I got carried away with the ebony stain!
Well, the pine soaked it up faster than I could get it off, but he swears he likes it :slight_smile:


Are the second look a lot deeper relief, terrific, very encouraging. love the “gold”.