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When making something that is going to be painted different colors letters. Is there anything to use to make it easier to paint the letters. Something to cover them so the background paint doesn’t get on them. Example have a sign that will be painted blue. Letters engraved will be white.

Paint it blue, use oramask, carve, seal, paint, remove oramask and seal all of it.


Or alternatively paint it then carve the letters, seal, and then use an airbrush to spray the carving and wipe off any overspray. Saw that on I think the Shapeoko Facebook group (or at least some cnc group) the guy had fantastic results and he said it wipes off no problem and has really cut down on time.

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I’ll second the masking approach, it works well when you have a carved portion that is less than half the surface. If your carved area is more than half, I find that it may or may not be worth it. I use the Duck Brand EasyLiner white shelf liner found at wallymart. It cost substantially less than Oramask with similar results and is much easier to find.

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if they are bigger sized letters, it might also be easier to cut them all the way out separately, paint, and then glue them into a shallow pocket you carved for placement’s sake.


Thank you for the help. Since I already have it cut out. I’m going to try the airbrush ideal and see how it works. Next time I will try the shelf liner. Thanks gain everyone


Here is another process for signs that MAY work for some. My friend took a sample to our recent CNC meeting and it totally looked and felt like an INLAY!


You need to stir this well and you may need an additive to thin out the material somewhat. Also, expect shrinkage and a refill, especially if your letters are deeply milled.

This is a very cryptic post and it is really not clear to me (I think you had to be there to get it). I guess you are supposed to mix the plastic wood with Drydex (no proportions) and apply some liquid (unspecified) to thin the mixture then apply it to the carved portion to create an inlay. As you indicated, you must also apply stain or paint to the mixture too. Maybe you could provide a bit more details. Since plastic wood and DryDex are mad for inside applications, I don’t know that you could use it for an outside sign.

Do you have a picture of the results?


Sorry Luc, but to be more specific . . .
These items are wood fillers and come in different colors and some in tubes, others in cans or small short plastic bottles. They are costly in one sense depending on depth of cut and size of letters. I don’t currently have a photo but I’ll try and get one.

The friend who did this used a pine board and different colors and the text comes out with really pristine edges on that soft wood.

I’m not sure if mineral spirits would work with thick product or not. Maybe they have that info on their web site.

At our meeting someone also said you could tint regular wood filler by spooning some out into a smaller container (clean cat food can?) and add a tint to that (hmm, maybe the tints used in the epoxy batches?) That was some time back and he did not specify WHAT tinting material he used.

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