Something is off on my Shapeoko 3

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or I have a setting off. Searched for others having my issues and nothing seem to help what’s wrong with mine.
I have a 3rd party Z-Axis assembly but my issue isn’t with Z. I’ve calibrated both the X and Y to be accurate to 150mm…which is the longest ruler than I own. My belts are tight and everything goes smoothly with no binding.
Here is my simple design for testing in a pine 2x4. I’ve created simple designs in other CAD programs all with the same result but I figured to keep it simple for troubleshooting I’m using Carbide Create.

The square came out pretty good but the circle and triangle both have issues. I can run the Shapeoko over and over in the same piece of wood and the result is the same. There is always a notch in the upper right of the circle and notches in all corners of the triangle.

Can’t upload the result image because I’m a new user.

Video of it going over the same path.

Here is my result image:

For the mechanical aspects, we have articles on:

For the belts, I wrote up my notes on this at:

(linked from: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable )

w/ the carriage lowered all the way, I’m now getting D 4 (left) and B flat 3 (right) (using a guitar tuner app)

Got started on a basic article on this at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable — adding some actual cutting notes would be a welcome addition.

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Two things - first, a ruler isn’t good enough to do this. Use a caliper, even a cheap one, and you’ll get much better results. second, this looks like backlash - check for set screws, loose pulleys, and loose eccentrics.


Welp, I checked the eccentrics nuts and the belts which were all good and didn’t need adjusting. Went to boot up the machine for another test print, strange sound from the motor(s) and an electronic burning smell. Looks like I lost the X-Axis on the controller. I tested the X-Axis motor by switching Z and X and using universal G-Code sender to manually control it. The Z-Axis motor on the X-Axis controller port was a no go so it’s definitely the board.
It’s one’s of the first gen Shapeoko 3’s so I’m well out of warranty and we’ll need to purchase another board to pick this back up. Thanks for pointers, I’m sure it could still be mechanical but we’ll see what a new controller does for me.

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