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I have recently build my SO3 XL and squared it up as best as i could. I did run a successful hello world, but i have notised that the x-axis make a vibrating sound on the first travel it makes after homing. It only happens when i use rapid position right after homing and when the carriage stops the sound is normal again. It sounds a little bit like the belt misses the pulley. I have removed the x-axis motor and made shure the pulley set screw is secured. I have tried with different belt tension and adjusted the V-wheels. Starting to get stumped on what to do next. Any suggestion anyone?

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Mechanically that part is pretty straight-forward, please check:

and verify the wiring — also check that none of the drag chains and so forth are getting snagged, see:

If none of that helps, let us know and we’ll dig deeper.

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I had exactly the same trouble. Just check the x step motor attachment . In my case , just Tighten screws with the Allen key ,was ok to stop the noise.

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Hello again.

  • I have now tried to remove the x-axis motor again to check the set screws. I have tighten them well and applied locktite to them.
  • I have losened the V-wheels and tensioned them again as the instructions specify.
  • I cant see anything getting snagged when it makes it first travel. Not shure what to look for in the wiring. It seem that everything is connected as it should be.
  • I have applied tension to the screws that holds the x and z-axis motor
    The sound is still there and i captured it on a short clip of video here:

I still cant find out why the sound is created.

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Sounds like something rattling. Is the belt slapping against the rail as the carriage moves?

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Could it be the drag chain rattling as each link settles in place?

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