Something weird with latest CC and CM (?)

I haven’t cut anything in the last few weeks, so I first updated to the latest versions. I use CC and CM as much as possible, well okay … all the time.

I was just cutting a rectangle into a plank of Maple. See final result below:

I milled out the whole area, not just the edges (I thought safer not using any tabs and having a sacrificial substrate secured below. It was going along fine and I was about 80% physically done when I looked at the CM status screen:

NOTICE - there is 3,130 lines of G-code and although it was almost done, it was only on step 257! When the part was obviously complete, I aborted the CM, it showed 10% done. I didn’t want to risk what was going to happen on those other thousands of lines.

Never saw this before - anyone else see this? I think there is a decimal placement bug in one of the packages, I’m guessing CM.

Again, this is the very latest DL of the software from today.

Did you save your Carbide Create file? If so, could you posted here as a download?

I have it. But now that I have made another couple of cuts, they were NORMAL.
So this could be a one of?

Lower Base 1.egc (42.7 KB)

Sorry that I wasn’t clear enough we need to look at the Carbide Create X.c2d file, not the program file X.egc file.

Okay, sorry, here it is.

Lower Base to Top.c2d (2.9 KB)

I see one thing that looks odd.

In the design, you state that the material is 0.506 inches thick.

But in the program you state that the material is 5.062" thick, with a 0.062 depth per pass (= 82 passes) that would make a very large file.

Take a look.


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You are so right. I was a little rusty and had a brain fart. It should have been 0.562
I’m sure everyone is relieved.


Good call Rich,always so helpful :slight_smile:

This touches on a CC feature that I’ve envisioned… if there was a textual project properties grid to recap details with summarized toolpaths and their pertinent properties, one could review details from a single vantage point vs. having to click thru all the toolpaths individually when reviewing a project.

you should add this to the Feature Request section,im sure it would be helpful to alot of people for cc to have that feature @jim