SOP5 & VFD Connecting

I must be an idiot. So I’ll preface it so. Been working through building my my machine. Think I’m about done. The vfd does cannot connect to the spindle port on the control box (female/female). The video says it connects. The manual says I need to open the box. Before I open the box up am I missing something straight forward?

There should be an adapter in one of the S5 boxes that will allow you to complete that connection. If it is still missing when you get to the end of the assembly process, please let the support team know.


I found the adapter but it doesn’t seem to fit either. I’ll give it another look.

I wasn’t aggressive enough with it when I thought it wasn’t the pair. I tried a little more and it slipped on.

Sorry for the bother. Thanks for the confirmation.

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The connector can be a bit snug. But as long as you’re sure the keying/shape of the connectors matches, you should be good to go. Glad you’re not missing it. :+1:


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