Sound Diffusers?

Not sure if this is the best category for this, but has anyone made any sound diffusers with the Shapeokos?

I’ve seen some interesting designs out there:

And thought that it might be worth experimenting with.

Sadly the download links on the first page don’t work, so can’t see the files in detail, but they look like it would be fairly straightforward to machine, and out of cheap lumber.

The second link has some interesting patterns, which would come down more to material choices (wood and underlying foam and whatnot).

I even thought about trying to make something that’s part functional and part decorative also including some 3d-printed components to create a kind of hybrid design.

Just curious if anyone else has barked up that tree already.


Ok, I managed to download the plans and whipped a general sketch and overview in Fusion360. Not sure how viable the individual cuts will be, but the idea was to use loads of random scraps of woods so that the overarching pattern isn’t as noticeable.

These are also much smaller than what the plans call for, but I’m thinking they will make nice accents above door frames in my studio space, so a bit of diffusion + a bit of decoration.


I don’t know that it would be a be a viable project on a Shapeoko. I’m no sound expert but don’t you need a significant number of square foot of material. It would take hours to produce a couple of square feet of sound diffuser on a Shapeoko. Maybe a larger faster CNC could do the job but maybe a CNC may not be the best tool, for that job. Just saying…

I was thinking of using vanilla lumber for the flatter sections, and only machining the shallow “stripes”. The scale of the image there is a misleading, it’s only 400mm tall.

Plus, it needn’t be super polished since it’s more for the refraction/diffusion, so the speeds/feeds could be on the aggressive side.


This sounds like a really interesting project. I’m curious to see what you think when you make it and whether you think they make a difference or not. Keep posting updates on here as I’d love to see them.

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Will do.

I went to the local hardware store to eyeball the wood choices, and more importantly, dimensions, so I can go back to the rough sketch I made and see what makes sense in terms of individual pieces and stacking them all up.

There wasn’t a ton of options in terms of actual wood. Mostly pine and some other stuff (maybe some poplar or ash? not a massive wood hound). In the end I may just cobble together some random scraps I have here, along with mostly pine, perhaps treated and stained different shades to give a bit of an effect.

But once I get somewhere, I’ll post stuff… if I can beat the countdown…

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I would suggest finding a local lumberyard and see if they’ll let you buy their “shorts” — there are a couple out by my mother-in-law’s (western Pennsylvania, Penn’s Woods) which sell them by the truckload for firewood (which makes me sad).


That’s a great idea!

I should get acquainted with the local places for that kind of stuff anyways for when I want to buy larger bits of non-lumber wood.

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Also, to echo Will’s comment. I get a lot of my small (<36in long) pieces from a local cabinet store who sells remnants.


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