Soundproofing, is drywall good?

Making a soundproofing enclosure this weekend for my so3, I have a bunch of scrap drywall and plenty of calk.

I know some people have used drywall as soundproofing material, has that worked well?

Any soundproofing materials work particularly well?
Let me know.

I’ll get back with a post on my build later.

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Homasote has some specialty products but the plain stuff the guys use for their train layouts is pretty darn good.

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I have no personal experience, but I ran across these guys called Green Glue on the internet when I was researching building a soundproof box for my 3D printer because it keeps my wife up at night. They use drywall and their claims about noise suppression are impressive if true.

I second the Homasote. I used the Homasote 440 when I remodeled my laundry room, because it was next to my TV room, and it works wonders. Cannot hear the washer or dryer through the wall - even with shoes in the dryer.


I ended up using normal drywall because I had scraps, I also glued floor mats all around on the inside, and some soundproof panels. I cover it with a heavy old blanket too. The frame is made from my old bed.

Its super good at dampening sound, I can’t even hear my machine while its cutting if I go in another room. And in the room, its quiet enough that I can forget its even on while I read or play guitar.

Totally worth building a sound enclosure imo. Also, I just put my homing switched on, why did I wait so long to do that? They’re amazing!


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