Sounds like a church organ

Newbee, I picked up a 2018 XXL which ran fine when tested before purchasing. When I set it up in my shop it makes a strange sound when both the X and Y are working at the same time. Sounds like a church organ scaling up and down. The unit also seemed to really struggle with doing a circle.
No router was connected or running as this was just during start up testing.
The v wheels all seem fine, and nothing seems to bind when I move the axis by hand,
I am using Motion 3 vs 5 as the laptop I have is still windows 7. I know,
Could this be a software issue with as I believe the machine runs GRBL 1.1
Could it be an issue with the power supplied
Thanks for any help

Not to discount any actual issue that may exist, but I have to mention one thing. 99.9% of the time when my cnc is operating, I have a 6hp shop vac running next to me, the router screaming, and the dust filter going. Sometimes my Worktunes on also. So it was interesting the first time I ever did any “offline” testing, operating only the cnc in a dead quiet shop at night, while I was learning grbl. I heard noises I wasn’t expecting, but made sense… like the steps of the stepper motors on the different axes. The slower the motor moves, the lower the pitch and vice versa. A circle or arc will move both the x and y, but depending where in the path, the specific motor along that axis will be going faster or slower, changing the pitch along the way. When I did my rapid positions in axial directions, they sounded fine… just some science happening.

Maybe your issue is something completely different. Out-of-square machine, eccentric nuts or belts too tight, or something else. Just another thought.

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I realize most people might never hear anything over the router and dust collection. Still seems odd, and have never heard anything like it when watching any video. Today will try a clean power line to the unit and see if it makes any difference. I have a bunch of led lights on the same circuit and sometimes they can be a problem.

I’d guess that what you’re hearing is normal. The steppers are very musical.
My students love when I make our 3D printers play songs. I’ll play one on my SO3 tonight…any requests?

Is the motion struggling? What’s the evidence of that?


Note that you can make specific sounds out of the machines using


I’m sure we’ve all seen the ‘Imperial March’ version on floppys, but I’m an 80’s fan :joy::
‘Take On Me’



There’s a distinct sound to an adaptive ramp & clear, especially on the big machines which is immediately recognisable. The tune the machine plays is the best way to know if it’s happy or not.

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This would be great!

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