Source for way oil in Canada

It is difficult to get the recommended Mobil Vactra oil here in Canada in less than 5 gallon pails. Can anyone recommend a source for 1 gallon or smaller?

One possibility is this way oil here:

EEZ,EEZ WAY OIL 20WT 1 GALLON,1-820-720,KBC Tools & Machinery

This one is SAE 20, which I understand is equivalent to ISO68. Can anyone confirm?

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Not in Canada, but same problem here in Norway.
I got my 1 litre Vactra from eBay, think it was a seller in the UK that has 1L bottles.

The point of ISO standards is that the oil is interchangeable, so any ISO VG 68 oil should be fine and SAE 20 is close enough. For my (not Carbide 3D) linear rails, I’m using this for example.

Also slightly off-topic: it makes me happy that Carbide 3D has chosen a lubricant that people have some chance of obtaining. The used to recommend some particular kind of “super lube” that was basically impossible to buy.

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Got mine form eBay within a week

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The Super Lube is still used for the Nomad round rails — you should be able to purchase it at any sewing supplies shop EDIT: in the U.S.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. I think we’ve discussed this before but you’re wrong about availability. I’m guessing your statement is based on your experiences in the US, which would make sense since Super Lube is an American-made product.

Outside America, it’s basically impossible to buy. If you look at their distributor list, you’ll find that even in the larger European countries like Germany and France, there’s only one distributor. In Germany there’s no way to actually buy it online (I’m guessing you have to contact them) and the French distributor doesn’t stock the particular variant Carbide 3D recommends.

Outside of the distributors: good luck. Amazon DE doesn’t show it (NSFW), Amazon FR has some but not the variant Carbide 3D wants and same for Amazon UK. Sometimes the PTFE grease is available but never the oil.

And that’s online, where there’s a much wider selection of shops and products. Locally, it’s far worse. My local shop sells exactly one oil.

But I’m happy to be proven wrong. If you have a link to a shop or address in mainland Europe where it can be purchased, please post it.


I stand corrected, and have edited my reply and will do my best to remember this in the future.

Please write in to — perhaps we can work out having one of our Nomad resellers stock it.


Try distributor in Poland.


Well they stock, sell and deliver it which is an improvement but their delivery to Switzerland is… Not optimal…

(In addition to the 78 EUR for shipping itself, DPD charges 18 CHF + 3% for customs clearance, so the total price will be something like 113 CHF for a 13 CHF product)

Germany and the rest of Europe is better though, so that’s good.

We have the same problem, we are in Europe but not in the EU.

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I don’t see that listing, closest I see from that seller is a 2 pack of vactra 2 and vactra 10 but with shipping its still 70$

I purchased a jug of Mobil Vactra from a short while ago. I suggest waiting a bit and it may come back to the store.

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The seller on eBay was Lubefinder.

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