Sourcing large PVC sheets/other yard sign material

I’m looking to make some yard signs (Merry Christmas signs ahead of December) and am having a tough time sourcing PVC sheets that aren’t insanely expensive. Anyone have any tips on the best place to source something similar? It doesn’t have to be PVC, but just looking for something that’s around 1/2-inch thick and will be durable season after season. I’m thinking of doing an initial sign out of plywood for next year, painting it, and using that to refine the design and then doing it out of something like PVC/something else? To start this will be a personal project but depending on how it comes out I might look to expand it to selling, but need to figure out sourcing first.

Thanks all! I pick up my Shapeoko 3 XXL tomorrow and am super excited to join the community!


Do you have a sheet goods specialty supplier local to you?

I’d order this sort of thing from Industrial Plywood — their fuel charge was pretty reasonable last I looked into it.

Alternately, have you looked for this sort of thing at the big box stores?


Home Depot:

Some folks use insulation foam, but that’s not particularly durable.

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I’ll check with plywood suppliers in my area to see what they have!

For Lowe’s/Home Depot, neither of them near me have any of the larger 4x8 sheets in stock (checked within 100 miles). Would have loved to be able to pick it up from there haha.

Never thought about insulation foam. I can see where it wouldn’t be durable but also it’s cheap and could be good for prototyping?

The foam is great for prototyping (cheap, and cuts very fast, don’t cut it slow or you will cover your cutter in melted foam), and holds up well to the weather. Just easy to dent/gouge. I made some tombstones a few years ago based on these instructions and they have held up for 3 Halloweens:

Exterior plywood also works, but tends to split after a year or two. Looks good when my wife paints it though:


HD typically stocks it in my region. Maybe they can order some sheets in for you?

I use commercial suppliers. Try to find one in your locality, they are assumably servicing your area. I have my local suppliers, a few hours away, truck the materials straight to my shop. $150 delivery regardless of quantities, I consider it an excellent value.


I’ll swing by HD and Lowe’s this weekend just to check in store to see if they have anything, but I love the way the foam came out! And good to know about the plywood, thanks so much for the info so far everyone!

If you are close enough to pick up professional plastics will be your cheapest option with the best selection for any type of plastics. If you have to ship forget it.
I think they have a $50 minimum but I buy full 4’ X 8’ sheets are usually $150 depending on type and thickness.
Call and ask them for suggestions, super helpful people.

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