Sourcing Longer Endmills?

Hi all!
I’ve had my pro xl for a few months now and it that time i’ve mostly been cutting thin aluminum sheet. There was a steeper leaning curve then i was anticipating but i finally feel im getting a handle on things. To any other aluminum newbies out there, 6061 alloy and single flute endmills make a world of difference :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ve barely scratched the service of what my machine can do and have been looking online for inspiration and decided to try a few projects out of wood. I’ve watched a few of John Clarks box making videos and would love to give that a try. I would like to make a decent size box so i was thinking of starting with material in the ballpark of 1.5’ and then make the lid out of something thinner. The only issue is that my longest C3D endmill is the 1/4’ 201 with a loc of 3/4’ which will be a problem when using thicker stock. I was just wondering if there are any tricks out there for dealing with this? Or where is the best place to look for sourcing longer endmills? I’m using the C3D router with 1/8’ & 1/4’ collets. I’m also in Canada so any Canadian friendly sources would be appreciated!

Garr tools has a line of these which I’ve had good luck w/ — also check in w/ Harvey Tools and try their “Find a Distributor” link

The strange thing is the Mexico US Canada trade agreement only seems to work for big companies. Canadians have to pay big shipping from the US. Shameful.

I order from Lee Valley and they have both a US and Canadian shipping centers to avoid the customs and shipping costs.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely check those out.

KBC tools in Canada for endmills.

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