Sous Vide Quick Clamp

The ANOVA clamp broke, and I have a large dinner party tonight. How shall we fix this? Shapeoko to the rescue.

Very quick and dirty clamp. I should make another good one after the party. Any suggestions?


You can cook them perfect all the way through and then when company shows up, you just sear, and eat. I’ll for sure make another clamp, already have some ideas on how to improve.

Plus it is hard to grill a 2" porterhouse to perfection. :wink:


just takes practice and patience :: ) Do it on a cast iron skillet as often as circumstances allow, obviously grill is the first choice, but the look on peoples faces when you take it off a skillet and it is to perfection is pretty amazeballs haha


Best steaks I’ve ever had were sous vide then seared. Really cooks them absolutely perfect! did some tests on the best way to sear then after. Some really good info. Adam Savage still proving busting myths off air haha.