Spare Parts Build

Recently purchased used Shapeoko 3 (standard size) extrusions and aluminum wasteboard from eBay, (purchased for the wasteboard). From what I understand, Carbide3D won’t sell me Y-Axis plates, so I plan on making them myself. Would 7075 aluminum be sufficient for the plates, or should I mill them from steel?


This is more of a stiffness problem than an absolute strength problem. For this application, nothing beats plate thickness for getting stiffness. I’d personally go for thicker aluminum plate.

Stock steel plates are .134 in thick, and the 7075 plates are .160. I’d have to cut away some to make the x axis extrusion fit square. I should also note, my plan isn’t to beef up the y axis, just get it functioning more or less to spec.

The Y-plates need to fit between the X extrusion and the Y rails. You’re constrained by the supports in front and back. Unless you want to redesign the Y-axis assembly, @PeterAlongia you’re stuck with steel.

Check out OshCut…probably $80+ shipping for two plates.


Thank you! Would you have a source for the 3mm x2 belt anchors and the updated version for the y-axis plates?