Spare parts for Shapeoko XL


I was wondering where could I buy one Y-rail (left side)?

My Shapoko XL had an accident. I suspect router mount got loose (after last time I was aligning it, I did not use any locktite since I had to alight in several times already) and router started to wobble all round before breaking 3 of 4 z-carriage wheels and broke off. While hanging only onto router wire it managed to swing several times onto Y-Rail and scuff it quite significantly where the wheels are touching. I have found where to buy new wheels and new z belt, however no luck with y-rail extrusion. I have contacted support, as machine is not 90 days old yet, but haven’t gotten any answer in two weeks. I really hope this does not mean my machine is worthless now.

Bummer. Murphy was an optimist.

Contact and we’ll work this out with you.

Just want to say, that is impressive X-)

Thats pretty brutal. Don’t think this is a warranty issue mind…

I also believe this was my own mistake for not checking all the bolts and bit, altho it could have also been some broken wheel. But this is not the point. Point is that I should be able to buy spare parts for machine which cost me to import to Europe Union 2 500 Eur without router.
I have read those reassuring posts about stellar Support assistance and trying not to be negative, waiting patiently, but I have sent first email still last year and sent another few days ago and still haven’t heard a word at least that they are looking into it.

I am mostly afraid of shapoko is going to end up being a very expensive toy for few months due to lack of spare parts.

Please accept our apologies for not responding immediately. I’m the new guy doing tech support, and we’re still trying to strike a balance between me giving everything away, my walking people through how to fix stuff MacGyver-style using nothing but a wiki and a Leatherman, or some reasonable balance in-between.

I’m currently up to Feb. 2015 reading old tech support e-mails and making notes — I’m hoping to finish that this weekend and that after that will know enough to actually be able to help and respond more promptly to complex requests such as yours.

Plus, there’s life. My son just missed the school bus — hang on, we’ll work this out as quickly as we can! I personally promise that the rock bottom level of support is I’ll dig through my pile of spare parts and ship you everything you need, even if I have to gut Watchmaker to do it — but I’m sure that will be able to help you and it won’t come to that.

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Your email may not be reaching support due to the fact that you are emailing from abroad. Many email filters will put non-domestic email straight into clutter or junk. I would suggest that on your next email you ask for a delivery, and read receipt.

My personal experience is that my support emails I have had a response within 24 hours. Most recent was last week.

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I’ve checked and there’s nothing in our system since your message of the 18th of October last year — please re-send to (and I’ll let Watchmaker know that it is safe, at least for the time being).

Thank you for checking, I have resent my request once more.

Managed to find it in the system and made sure that it’s active and assigned — hopefully you’ll get an answer by close of business Monday.

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