Sparkfun Shapeoko 3 Activation with v3 or v4

Hi there, I’m not able to activate my S3(sparkfun) using the code I received from the C3d team. Wondering if others are having a similar issue?

On V3 - I can’t get passed the connect device screen (pressing F1 does nothing on this screen).

On V4 - I can access the activation screen - but the application crashes every time I try to download my config.

My preference is to get v3 working as I’m not sure I have much appetite for working with a beta release (as I’m still new to all this).

Any and all advice welcome.

As was pointed out in another thread, to update a Sparkfun board you’ll need to use a tool other than the CarbideUpdater.

List of them and instructions on using them here: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

and you can grab Grbl 1.1 hex from the carbideupdater page:


Thanks - helpful read. Also ended up here. (GRBL 1.1 update for SO3 Sparkfun Edition?)

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