Specialty endmills, where do you buy?

So up to now I’ve only been playing with my SO3 XXL. I’ve been mostly cutting wood, some polycarbonate.
Finally finishing the majority of projects on the new house and its time to start running the XXL through it’s paces.
I’ll be trying some aluminum and acrylic.
My question is, where is every one buying there bits from.
Are you get a good price, quick delivery and quality products? Thanks Ray

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Since I only use coated end mills for Aluminum, I have had great luck from this ebay seller: DrillMan1. I think he gets surplus because the inventory is a little hit or miss.

I have purchased 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 (2 and 4 flute , flat and ball) from him. (ave cutter cost was $8 to $10 each)

I also recently bought a 6mm collet and then purchased some 2 and 4 flute cheap (TiAlN) end mills from Banggood.com and have also had great luck. I ran a set of 60 Aluminum (1/2" thk) clamps using one 2-flute cutter and it still looks brand new. (Cutter cost was about $4)


+1 for DrillMan1. I bought a variety of Kyocera endmills from him. The coated stub length are hard to find elsewhere.