Specs for Shapeoko 5 pro spoil board nut placement

Does anyone have the specs for the nut locations for the 3in width spoilboards for a Shapeoko 5 pro? I am using my tape measure and can easily see that the bottom and top ones are one inch in from the machine, but I don’t trust my tape measure on the two middle ones. They are odd measurements which I can use but I I would like to verify with someone who has done this already. I looked on the Carbide 3d site and looked for the specs but couldn’t find them. I’m going to come up with a hybrid system so I can add additional work holding locations.

I believe the units will work out evenly if you use a metric tape measure.

If not, measure, cut a test template in a piece of scrap, then pull one and compare and adjust using a pair of calipers?

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