Speeds and feed for bit depicted

Anyone program these in Carbide create? Looking for the 2D speeds & feeds, RPM and depth rate if anyone’s had experience with them…

have a few tablets that calculate the math but they seem way off, any assistance appreciated. I’m kinda a shapeoko timid newb.

That looks like a tapered endmill ? with 1 flute ?
Those would typically be used for finishing a 3D job.
The feeds and speeds depends on the material, and on the amount of residual stock to be cut after the roughing pass. In this example, I used 10.000RPM, 60ipm, 0.2mm stepover, but it was specific to that example (and intentionally very conservative)

Tapered endmills can take a lot more than the tiny size of their tip would indicate, you would probably be fine using settings from a 1/8" endmill, but experimentation is key, pick the settings from a 1/8" ball, start with a shallow depth per pass, then incrementally increase depth per pass if things go well.

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Settings from a 1/8 endmill but maybe dial it back… makes sense, thanks for the advice I will start there and test it out. Again I appreciate the reply and your time.

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