Speeds and feeds for Aluminum with a .032 diameter tool

So I am trying to make my own coin type thing. I want to mill but the cutting tool is so tiny.
My Settings:

Depth of Cut: .004
Feedrate: 10
Plungerate: 5
Makita: 3.5

Broke my tool with these settings.

I need to face this .02. any idea how I can NOT break my tool haha. I tried g-wizard, its beyond me i think,

Or is it when I zero my machine im putting the z down to far etc.

We have a repository of MeshCAM .tps files at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/MeshCAM#TPS_files — unfortunately nothing quite that small — but perhaps you could rough with a larger tool, then switch to the smaller?

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No chance unfortunately, its like the size of a coin hah with details!

it did cut for a little at least.

Use Estlcam and you can do in S 3 .

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