Spending too much time in Carbide Create?

when you start trying to pan around web pages using right-click and drag… and then start cursing the browser because the page won’t move. :crazy_face:

not that i’ve ever done this… repeatedly. :zipper_mouth_face:

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The solution is simple: Throw in Inkscape, Fusion 360, Simplify3D, and a few other things. You’ll never use completely the same mouse UI concepts twice. :joy:

Actually, throw in editing G-code, python, javascript, PHP, and a little VB.net, just so you don’t get stuck in a rut with the keyboard, too. :rofl:

I’ve been working on an Inkscape extension for automatically joining path segments, designing and 3D printing some pieces to tweak a J Tech laser install, mapping out something to go along with my python path tracer so I can rotate and crop the heightmap for a mountain someone requested (which inconveniently is not aligned to cardinal directions, would you believe?), and… well, there’s a lot. But Tuesday is Mardi Gras and I live in Louisiana, so I’ve got a whole four-day weekend to get everything done… ish. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, the high water mark of my computer usage was using an NCR-3125 running PenPoint as a portable note-taker and sketching device, and NeXT Cube running NeXTstep w/ a Wacom ArtZ as a desktop — both had consistent object-oriented interfaces, designed from the ground up, with well-defined user interface guidelines.

I’d give my interest in hell for there to be a similar setup feasible these days, and I’m never forgiving Adobe for reneging on their promise to make Display PostScript freely available for Rhapsody.

I learned CAD on Catia V4 running on a Unix box, painful doesn’t even begin to describe it. Carbide Create has always felt strange to me. Standard GUI practices just aren’t followed for some reason. CTRL+C should copy, not copy and paste, opening files should open in the last directory used and should stay persistent, and a few other things. However, it hasn’t stopped me from figuring out its quirks and drawing some cool stuff. I like standard interfaces, I like being able to switch between programs and having shortcut keys behave the same, and I like mustard on my onion rings, my wife doesn’t like mustard at all…such is the state of things these days :wink: