Spin me right round... right round... Spinners!

So I was browsing the internet and saw people selling spinners - or fidget toys as they are known.

It didn’t seem too hard or a long job so I made a quick design Friday night and had a go to test out my new enclosure today.

I have ordered some ball bearings but these won’t be here till later in the week but it looks alright. I used Merritt, but might make one or two in walnut when my machine is 100%

Here is the design - it’s suitable for 8x22mm ball bearings. I used x80 y85 stock that was 10mm thick and a 1/4 cutter.

Quick picture of ‘one I made earlier’

here is the fusion 360 file:



Great looking part and I really like that wood Ive never heard of Merritt.
Would you be interested in making the Worlds smallest spinner?


Crikey thats small! I could give it a crack - how are the balls/weights held in place?