Spin Spin Sugar - Indexing

This test part has 14 setups, 96 toolpaths, and completes a full rotation in the indexing fixture with 12 positions. Mitee bite pitbulls FTW! The compressor fins are about 0.040"/1mm thick, material is 6061.

Machine is a highly modified Nomad 883 pro.

I’ll be updating this post with the cad/cam intricacies and info. Also just found my good mic so maybe throw some words together.


You are insane man. :rofl:


Well, he is the Nomadman :sunglasses:

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I have said it once and i will say it again this is how Vince got his power:

“Angels turn to god and say, we have set the values for everything else we just need you to tell us how much CNC knowledge we should give this little baby, and god turned to them and said yes”

, and that is how Vince was born and is now not making parts but melding into them lol, he would have you believe that this is a part, but it is actually his right hand now - @Vince.Fab love it! keep posting this to shame me into metal - nearly there got my brass coming tomorrow, then i will show you how to cut metal!!




If we are talking indexing and multi sided might as well drag this one back out of the basement.


Well there’s that theory :sweat_smile: and it also helps to make every mistake possible and try to learn from them! There were plenty of issues that had to be worked out, broken tools, frustration.

Definitely keep us up to date on the brass projects. These things tend to be like dancing, everyone does it a little differently. I don’t think I’ve ever cut brass so you already got a leg up on me!

Now that’s cool! Ultimate window jig that clicks into the Nomad vise. Very nice design

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