Spindle Cam Solutions

I have: Shapeoko Pro XXL; M1 iMac; Wifi access

I’m looking for a decent camera that I can mount to the spindle and that is compatible with Mac. It can be wired or wireless, but I don’t want it to be too bulky. I have tried some endoscopes from Amazon, but they never seem to be compatible with Mac (at least I couldn’t get them to work and I have been an avid Mac user since 1997), although they say they are. So… has anyone successfully hooked a spindle cam to a Mac? I guess I should also point out that I tried downloading the blue something app that allows android usage on a Mac (for the endoscopes), but it was not M1 compatible. If wireless, HomeKit compatibly could even be an option.

I know that I limit my options running a Mac and not windows. I’m not looking to change that, just looking for viable options that doesn’t require me to dive into the Windows world (last time I touched a Windows PC was Windows 95, I think). No Bootcamp, Parallels, please…

There has been discussions about the M1 and compatibility with older MAC software. They have a software solution to run older MAC software on the M1. Sorry I dont know the name but it is on the forum.

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